A company’s future lies in the hands of its executive committee. Every day, CEOs, COOs, CIOs, CFOs and other C-level executives make decisions that dictate the success of their group. These key leaders and managers are responsible for taking their teams to the top.

Integrating a new C-level executive is like creating a beautiful piece of jewelry

Whether it’s replacing a senior manager or setting up a new division, it’s all about quality and setting. In addition to having all the requisite skills, a good reputation and the necessary track record, a new C-level executive manager also has to fit perfectly into a company’s culture and the ethos promoted by the CEO. These unique, much sought-after individuals can help to significantly boost your group’s P&L, but can also damage it if the appointment isn’t right.

When it comes to entrusting significant responsibilities to someone who is new to your group, selecting a candidate and integrating them into the existing team demands all the art and skill of a master jeweler.

AW Executive specialises in the executive search of exceptional individuals. Thanks to our years of experience in the recruitment sector, we have built up an extensive network of top talent. Our executive search team has a proven track record in identifying and approaching C-level and senior executives and has helped to create several long-term teams that have brought significant added value to their companies.