The list of members who sit on a board of directors is often indicative of a group’s strength and reputation. It is a measure of a company’s seriousness and values.
A group’s success is dependent on a strong board and the soundness of the strategic decisions it makes in taking the company forward.

Not everyone can be a board director

Those who sit on boards of directors are generally non-executive members who play a special role within a company. Their strategic but non-operational work is measured in terms of gains in market share and managing major risks.

Board members directly represent shareholders. They define the company’s overarching strategies and monitor the running of the business to ensure that it operates smoothly. They are responsible for appointing the CEO, defining the corporate strategy, enforcing the company’s governance rules and deciding the executive pay policy. They also represent and extend the influence of their group at the highest levels of industry and government.

An individual is often appointed to a board of directors following a brilliant career as a captain of industry, executive member, senior judge or elite government official whose experience inspires respect and can be used to the group’s benefit.

A choice that makes sense

Appointing a new director gives shareholders the opportunity to profoundly influence their group. It is a critical decision that sends out a powerful message to the financial and industrial markets. It is important to be able to identify and discreetly approach an individual whose profile will complement those of existing board members.

Every board of directors must reflect a perfect balance of outstanding and diverse individuals who work together towards a shared goal.

At AW Executive, we are experts in excellence. Our approach takes history as its focus. We build up a relationship based on mutual trust and take account of your group’s history to help you propose a new director. The aim of our approach is to respect the fundamental values of your board, while at the same time achieving the objectives that you have set.

Thanks to our years of experience in the recruitment sector, we have built up an extensive network of exceptional individuals and have selected several directors whose added value is widely recognised. The circles in which we move mean that we are able to propose both natural candidates and bold solutions.