Recruiting a CEO is a delicate task that is unlike any other kind of recruitment. When a board of directors approaches us to find candidates for their company’s most senior executive role, it is often because the members want to decide methodically between preselected internal candidates or to broaden their search to external talent.

CEO search, a decisive moment

The CEO search and the appointment of a new top executive are key moments in a company’s organisation that will have a lasting impact on its performance and determine its future. A CEO must both embody the very essence of the company’s values and strengths and make the board of directors‘ vision a reality.

A CEO is the perfect fusion of a company’s present and future.

At AW Executive, CEOs are recruited in accordance with a strict tried-and-tested procedure. Finding an individual who has exactly the right combination of qualities is an art that is almost alchemic. This is why building up a strong relationship of mutual trust with our clients is the key starting point for any recruitment assignment at this level. Given that a true understanding of need often goes beyond what can be put into words, it is crucial that we have a complete understanding of the environment in which the future CEO will operate, while at the same time keeping the board of directors’ strategy entirely confidential.

Thanks to our years of experience in the recruitment sector and CEO search, we have built up an extensive network of exceptional individuals. Our executive search team has a proven track record in identifying and approaching senior executives and has helped to create several long-term teams that have brought significant added value to their companies.
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